Radiation frames

Patients considering radiosurgery for treatment of an acoustic neuroma often wonder how their head will be immobilized during treatment. The images below represent some of the types of frames or masks used at the radiosurgery facilities.
We have compiled these images thanks to contributions by members of the Acoustic Neuroma Support Mailing List, created as a replacement for the old ANA list which was discontinued.

These images show the dental mold frame used at Staten Island University Hospital. In the first picture, the bite piece is clearly visible. The second picture demonstrates how the patient's face is uncovered throughout the procedure. DentalMoldSIUH DentalmoldSIUHonChris
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Shown here is the thermal mask as used at Johns Hopkins Hospital (and at SIUH if the patient is not a candidate for the dental mold frame). The first picture shows a SIUH mask that has been molded to fit a patient's face, and the second image shows a JHH patient with the mask in place. FSRthermalmaskSIUH FSRthermalmaskonNitaJHH
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These images show two headframes, used in these cases for Gamma Knife (GK) (first) and single-shot Stereotactic Radiation (SR) (second). After a local anesthetic is administered, the frame is screwed into the patient's skull. This will result in several small wounds which should heal without complication. GKframeinuse GKframeonChristina
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